Getting Started

Getting Started #

Here you will learn more about your Orange Pi Zero. What stuff you need to get started and how to set up the board.

Requirements #

Orange Pi Zero #

Orange Pi Zero

2. A power supply #

You need a power supply that provides at least 5 volts, 2.0 amps for Orange Pi Zero. Any good quality Micro USB Charger with that current rating shoul be sufficient for the Orange Pi zero

3. A microSD card #

You need a microSD card with a capacity of at least 8 GB with class 10 speed rating.

Orange Pi Zero microSD

4. A USB to Serial Adapter #

To setup Orange Pi Zero for the first time, you will need a USB to serial adapter as the Orange Pi Zero is running headless this means without graphical interface/output. A adapter Board with TV Composite output is available but its only supporting a very low resolution thus not used in the getting started.

Set up your SD card #

Please follow this guide for setup your MicroSD card.

Prepare your microSD card