Getting Started

Getting Started #

Here you will learn more about your Orange Pi 4. What stuff you need to get started and how to set up the board.

Requirements #

1. Choose a Orange Pi 4 board. #

Orange Pi 4 comes with two variants. You can get either a board with 16GB onboard EMMC storage or there is a bit cheaper one without EMMC storage.

Orange Pi 4

Orange Pi 4

Orange Pi 4 without EMMC

Orange Pi 4 without EMMC

2. A power supply #

You need a power supply that provides at least 5 volts, 4.0 amps for Orange Pi 4. The power adapter comes in two variants EU and US plug.

5V, 4A EU plug

5V4A EU plug

5V, 4A US plug

5V4A US plug

3. A microSD card #

You need a microSD card with a capacity of at least 8 GB with class 10 speed rating.

Orange Pi 4 microSD

4. A keyboard and a mouse #

To setup Orange Pi 4 for the first time, you will need a USB keyboard and a USB mouse. A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can also be used after first time setup is complete.

5. A computer moniter #

For Orange Pi desktop environment, you will need a screen and a HDMI cable for Orange Pi 4 to connect to screen.

If you don’t have HDMI capable moniter screen then a VGA moniter can be used with a HDMI to VGA adapter like the one shown below:

HDMI to VGA adapter

Set up your SD card #

Please follow this guide for setup your MicroSD card.

Prepare your microSD card

Connect your Orange Pi 4 #

Step 1. Insert the SD card. #

Insert the SD card into the microSD card slot on the underside of your Orange Pi 4.

OrangePi 4

Step 2. Connect USB Mouse & Keyboard #

Connect the mouse to a USB port on Orange Pi 4 (it doesn’t matter which port you choose).

OrangePi 4

Step 3. Connect Ethernet cable(Optional) #

If you want to connect your Orange Pi 4 to the internet via Ethernet then use an Ethernet cable to connect the Ethernet port on Orange Pi to your internet router.

OrangePi 4

Step 4. Connect HDMI cable #

Connect your moniter to the HDMI port.

OrangePi 4

Step 5. Connect Audio cable #

Connect headphones or speakers to the audio port.

OrangePi 4

Power up your Orange Pi 4 #

Your Orange Pi 4 doesn’t have a power button. As soon as you connect it to a power source, it will power on.

Plug the power adapter into a socket and connect it to your Orange Pi 4 power port.

OrangePi 4