Getting Started

Getting Started #

Here you will learn more about your Orange Pi 3. What stuff you need to get started and how to set up the board.

Requirements #

1. Choose a Orange Pi 3 board. #

Orange Pi 3 comes with two variants. You can get either a board with 8GB onboard EMMC storage or there is a bit cheaper one without EMMC storage.

Orange Pi 3

Orange Pi 3

Orange Pi 3 without EMMC

Orange Pi 3 without EMMC

2. A power supply #

You need a power supply that provides at least 5 volts, 4.0 amps for Orange Pi3. The power adapter comes in two variants EU and US plug.

5V, 4A EU plug

5V4A EU plug

5V, 4A US plug

5V4A US plug

3. A microSD card #

You need a microSD card with a capacity of at least 8 GB with class 10 speed rating.

Orange Pi 3 microSD

4. A keyboard and a mouse #

To setup Orange Pi 3 for the first time, you will need a USB keyboard and a USB mouse. A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can also be used after first time setup is complete.

5. A computer moniter #

For Orange Pi desktop environment, you will need a screen and a HDMI cable for Orange Pi 3 to connect to screen.

If you don’t have HDMI capable moniter screen then a VGA moniter can be used with a HDMI to VGA adapter like the one shown below:

HDMI to VGA adapter

Set up your SD card #

Please follow this guide for setup your MicroSD card.

Prepare your microSD card

Connect your Orange Pi 3 #

Step 1. Insert the SD card. #

Insert the SD card into the microSD card slot on the underside of your Orange Pi 3.

OrangePi 3

Step 2. Connect USB Mouse & Keyboard #

Connect the mouse to a USB port on Orange Pi 3 (it doesn’t matter which port you choose).

OrangePi 3

Step 3. Connect Ethernet cable(Optional) #

If you want to connect your Orange Pi 3 to the internet via Ethernet then use an Ethernet cable to connect the Ethernet port on Orange Pi to your internet router.

OrangePi 3

Step 4. Connect HDMI cable #

Connect your moniter to the HDMI port.

OrangePi 3

Step 5. Connect Audio cable #

Connect headphones or speakers to the audio port.

OrangePi 3

Power up your Orange Pi 3 #

Your Orange Pi 3 doesn’t have a power button. As soon as you connect it to a power source, it will power on.

Plug the power adapter into a socket and connect it to your Orange Pi 3 power port.

OrangePi 3